5 Signs Your Car Needs Clutch Repair

For those who are still rocking a vehicle with a manual transmission in 2022, kudos to you. Manual transmission vehicles are cool and run just as well as automatic transmissions. For many manual drivers, you know that your car has a clutch. This integral part of the car is not easy or cheap to replace, which is why you should repair it at the first signs of issues. 


To put things in simpler terms, the clutch is a device that transfers the rotational power, or torque, from the engine to the wheels. It can be found near your other foot pedals, and it is only present in manual vehicles. 

5 Signs of a Bad Clutch

  • Soft Clutch - The clutch should naturally be firm. However, a loose clutch indicates that your clutch has worn and needs to be replaced. 
  • High RPM with No Acceleration - When you get your vehicle in the correct gear and rev the engine, your car should naturally launch to its speed. But if your car can’t reach the same speed as it used to, it is a sign that your clutch is faulty. It is unable to grip the pressure plate and flywheel.
  • Trouble with Gear Changes - If the clutch is properly maintained along with the transmission, your gear changes should be smooth and seamless. If you have a difficult time shifting to reverse and vice versa, it is time to have your clutch checked out.
  • Burning Smells - Burnt smells can be emitted when your clutch is put in unfavorable conditions, like aggressive driving and stop and go traffic. A burnt smell can mean that the clutch facings are too hot, so make sure you stop driving soon.
  • Unusual Sounds - If you catch some weird noises when pressing on the clutch pedal, it is typically an error in the release mechanism. This is more common in hydraulic setups. The sounds can be described as whining, squealing, or even scraping. 

If you suspect that your clutch is on its way out, please do not hesitate to bring your vehicle to the experts at German Motorworks. We are the top trusted expert technicians in the area, and we’d love to repair or replace your clutch so that you’re conditioned for safer driving. Feel free to give our team a call or schedule an appointment online today.

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