A/C Blowing Warm? Here's Why!

Getting into a hot vehicle that has been parked in the sun all day only to find that the air conditioning isn't working is never fun. An A/C system that blows hot air can not only be uncomfortable but can also signal an issue with a critical component. It's in your best interest to get the issue taken care of quickly to avoid discomfort when driving and risking more problems from occurring. 

There are a couple of different reasons why you may be dealing with an air conditioning system blowing hot air. The potential causes include: 

  • Low refrigerant - this is almost always exclusively caused by a leak somewhere in the system because refrigerant never needs to be topped off. In order to find the leak, we perform certain inspections and testing. Once the leak is repaired, we add new refrigerant to the system and perform testing to ensure that it works at optimal performance. 
  • Failing compressor - the compressor is the heart of the air conditioning system, and its job is to circulate refrigerant. Over time, the compressor can fail just from regular wear and tear and may need a replacement. 
  • Electrical issues - the air conditioning system is controlled by many different electrical components such as fuses and wiring, and a small issue with the electricity can cause the system to fail. 

These are just some of the reasons for an air conditioning system to blow warm air. Other issues can occur with your vehicle's A/C system too, such as no air blowing out of the vents or strange noises or sounds. If you suspect an issue with the A/C, don't hesitate to bring your vehicle into the experts here at German Motorworks. We will make sure that you get back on the road driving comfortably again! 

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