Monthly Archives: February 2020

Is Your Vehicle Idling Rough?

A rough idling engine can be a cause for concern, especially if the issue points to some sort of engine problem. In order to understand whether or not rough idling is what you are experiencing, lets talk about what exactly idling is and what symptoms indicate rough idling.  When you get into your car and start the engine, it at first runs without you putting it into gear or accelerating. In this state, your engine is idling. It just means that your engine is running, but your vehicle isn't moving or in any gear. A proper idling allows your vehicle to maintain a steady RPM and will ensure that the engines air and fuel mixtures are correct.  Rough idling is when you notice that when your engine is idling, strange symptoms are occurring. These symptoms include a vibrating or shaky vehicle, RPMs that aren't steady and fluctuate quickly, and skipping or slipping sounds. You will definitely feel that your vehicle is "running rough" when your engine is rough idli ... read more

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