Monthly Archives: January 2020

Simple Vehicle Checks to Make Every 6 Months

Vehicle maintenance is the single best way to ensure that your vehicle runs at its best and lasts you throughout the years. When you take care of your car, you protect your investment and guarantee reliable transportation every day. In between your visits to German Motorworks, is doesn't hurt to understand and be aware of your vehicle and know little checks that you can do every 6 months to evaluate your vehicle's condition. If you notice something off, you'll know to come into our shop for further inspection.  Here are some little checks that you can do every 6 months to stay on top of your vehicle's preventative maintenance:  Check your tire tread and look at overall tire condition Make sure that your tire pressure is correct and that your TPMS light is not illuminated Inspect your fluid levels under the hood Change your windshield wipers once a year and check windshield washing fluid Check all of your interior and exterior lights to make sure they are ... read more

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