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How Often Your Radiator Needs to be Flushed

When it comes to your vehicle, making sure that the engine is always running healthy is one of the most important maintenance items you need to take care of. An overheating engine or smoke coming from underneath the hood are telling signs that you may be due for a radiator flush. So, how often is this service needed? Overheating engines is primarily caused by cooling system problems, including the radiator. The cooling system circulates coolant throughout the engine and connecting parts, and without a working cooling system, coolant will not be circulated properly and will not protect your vehicle properly from heat.  The answer for how often your radiator needs to be flushed would be best answered by your vehicle manufacturer's owner's manual. However, as a general rule, this service is typically recommended every 30,000 miles or so. During this service, your cooling system will be flushed and cleaned and new coolant will be added.  Here are some signs that y ... read more

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