Driving Safely in a Winter Storm

Driving during a winter storm is a situation that most of us may try to avoid. However, if you are already on your way and a winter storm hits and you have no choice but to drive through it, the following winter storm driving safety tips can come in handy. 

If you have some flexibility when it comes to when you need to drive through winter storm prone areas, be sure to look up weather conditions through major passes or highways along the way. This will help you better understand the conditions you will hit and inform you to make a better decision if driving through a snowstorm can be avoided. 

If you find yourself driving through a winter storm, here are some safety tips to follow: 

  • Keep a close eye on the road and be weary of black ice which can be difficult to detect. 
  • Always drive slowly and carefully and eliminate all distractions if possible. 
  • When you do drive over ice or snow and feel that your vehicle has lost traction, the important thing is to not slam on the brakes or accelerator. Remove your foot from the pedals and hold on to your steering wheel tightly until you feel you have gained traction again. 
  • If you know that you will be driving in a winter storm, be sure to have tire chains with you or take a vehicle that has AWD or 4WD. 
  • Pay attention to surrounding drivers and keep a much longer distance between you and the car in front of you. 
  • Be sure to have your lights on during a snowstorm to make yourself as visible on the road as possible. 
  • Before ever hitting the road during the winter, be sure that your vehicle is inspected at our shop to guarantee that your car will be reliable on the road in the cold weather. We can make any repairs that we feel are necessary for storm weather and help advise you on other ways to stay safe.
  • Always pack a winter emergency kit equipped with a spare tire, jack, wrench, flares, blankets, cell phone charge, flashlight, and emergency numbers, just in case.

Even if you follow the tips above and still feel unsafe during a winter storm, don’t be ashamed to make the decision to pull off the road and wait it out. At the end of the day, you and your family’s safety is most important. We hope you have a wonderful New Year and drive safely! 

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