FAQs on Spark Plugs

The creation of the spark plug dates back to the 1800s and has been credited to various inventors who wanted to improve the combustion engine. In basic terms, a spark plug is defined as a device for firing up the engine. Spark plugs come in three different types: copper, platinum, and iridium.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do They Work?

When an ignition key inside a car is turned, the spark plug signals through the ignition coil. Spark plugs are named the way they are because it creates a "spark" that ignites the air-fuel mixture inside the engine. To kick start your motor, you need reliable spark plugs to do it. They may be tiny metallic pieces, but they are strong enough to get the pistons moving, burn fuel, and get your vehicle rolling on the road. 

How Do Spark Plugs Go Bad?

Like any other vehicle part that is continually used, a spark plug can wear down over time. The level of wear and tear depends on the plug's material, but it also depends on external factors. If the gap in the spark plug gets wider, the engine may start to misfire. The gap can open up due to engine debris, excessive wear and tear, and extreme heat present in the internal combustion chamber. Another cause of bad spark plugs is mineral deposits forming on the outside of the spark plug.

How Often Should You Replace Spark Plugs?

The lifespan of a spark plug is about 30K miles, but this is dependent on the vehicle and spark plug material. However, if you notice any of the symptoms below, then it may signal that you're due for a replacement:

  • You have any difficulty starting your car.
  • Your engine makes unusual noises when starting.
  • Your MPG or fuel efficiency is lower than usual.
  • Your engine misfires, surges, or stutters.
  • Your vehicle does not accelerate or struggles to accelerate.

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