Hear a Strange Noise While Driving? Don’t Ignore it!

After you drive your vehicle for a while, you get used to the way that it drives, including the way it sounds and performs. If you ever notice a sound out of the blue that is strange or never heard before, it is important not to ignore it. Often times, a weird noise coming from our vehicle’s is a telling sign that there is an issue with a component, whether that issue be big or small. The sooner you have your vehicle inspected, the quicker the issue can be repaired and the more money you can potentially save. 

Here are some important car noises that you should not ignore:

  • Hissing sound coming from underneath the hood
  • Squealing noise or chirping noises coming from tires
  • Clicking noise coming from underneath the hood
  • Scraping or grinding noises while braking
  • Roaring noise coming from the exhaust
  • Rapping or banging noise coming from underneath the hood

As soon as you hear one of the noises listed above, bring your vehicle into our shop for an inspection. Our experts will determine the cause of the issue to get you back on the road safely. Don’t forget to take note of when you hear the noise and where it sounds like it is coming from - this can help us better repair the issue. 

If you suspect a problem with your vehicle, give us a call today for fast and friendly service! 

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