How Bad Driving Habits Can Hurt Your Vehicle

Accidents cause stress and property damage or loss to those involved. It results in medical bills and even death. The majority of vehicle accidents are often caused by the driver's actions rather than their knowledge of how to operate a vehicle. Therefore, highlighting the major causes of road accidents will go a long way to help drivers drive safely and keep their vehicles in good shape.

Distracted focus while driving is one of the main reasons for accidents. This may be in the form of a driver receiving a phone call, text messages, taking eyes off the road ahead, staring at a billboard, eating, talking to passengers, or being absent-minded and taken over by emotions of anger due to a bad day. Switching off your phone and focusing while driving goes a long way to avoiding distractions.

Tailgating another vehicle too closely behind is dangerous. This causes rear-end collisions if the vehicle in front hits the break or prompts emergency action. To avoid having to break too quickly, avoid tailgating and driving when drowsy. You may also consider changing lanes or exiting the highway to avoid tailgating collisions.

Too-tight parking can cause scratches. Some drivers struggle to gauge how close another car or obstruction is to the front of their vehicle. When opening the car door, you will hit the opposite vehicle and cause trouble. Also, you might ram into another car or a wall when attempting to turn. To avoid these, leave enough space on each side of you to reduce the possibility that someone will open their car door onto your car or scratch it as they pass by. Remember to fold your side mirrors when parking.

Overtaking causes serious car damage also. It might cause a fatal head-on collision that will completely write off your car and cause serious bodily injuries. When overtaking, ensure to plan so that after passing the car in front you return to your lane safely. Avoid passing multiple cars or trying to overtake a speeding vehicle. Consider also the car behind you which will take your space as you overtake. You might change your mind midway and decide to return which will cause a collision.


Accidents can still happen even when you are driving safely and obeying the rules. Make sure to repair and replace damaged parts by contacting German Motorworks.

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