How Do Turbochargers Work?

Have you ever noticed the letter "T" in some vehicle models or trims? Well, if you have, you have probably wondered what it means. The simple answer is turbo, meaning that the engine has a turbocharger (turbos). And if you want to know about the complex answer, continue reading because we will take a closer look at what turbochargers are, where they are located, and how they affect the engine.

What Are Turbochargers

Turbochargers are a component usually located in the engine bay that is directly connected to the exhaust system. They have two main components: an intake side and an exhaust side. Inside, there are two fins that are used to collect air. It also has a lot of bearings, so there is no friction between the moving parts. You can easily spot it because it resembles a snail or seashell.

How Do They Work

Now that you know about where it is located and its important parts, let's get into how it works. When your engine works, it produces gasses, which are exhausted by the valves. After that, these exact gasses go into the exhaust side of the turbo and spin one of the fins. The result is the immediate spinning of the other fins because they are connected. It then intakes air because of the negative pressure built up in the turbo, causing the engine to be supplied with a lot more air. By using this simple mechanism, the car's power output can be greatly increased, even doubled in some cases.

How Do They Affect The Engine

The effect turbochargers have on engines is quite significant. When they were invented and globalized, engines started to get smaller and smaller because there was no need for a large cylinder count anymore. They provide a lot of air, making the explosions in your engine more powerful. Turbochargers are an essential part of today's vehicles.

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