How Does Fuel Get to Your Engine?

With the help of the fuel pump and fuel injectors, of course! While the pump withdraws the gasoline out of your tank, the injectors directly supply the right amount of fuel to power the engine. On the other hand, bad fuel injectors can reduce your gas mileage and lead to overall poor engine performance. Regular maintenance is necessary to preserve your fuel injectors. Let's take a look at some of the trouble signs of dirty fuel injectors:

Rough Idling

If your car vibrates or shakes when it is idling at a stop sign or in the middle of traffic, this is an evident sign you have faulty fuel injectors. 

Engine Misfires

The engine may misfire due to dirty or an insufficient amount of gasoline. Whenever your engine misfires, your vehicle may have trouble starting.

Lower Fuel Efficiency

If you notice your vehicle's MPG taking a hit, it could very well be due to faulty fuel injectors. 

Surging Engine

Slow acceleration may also be a side effect of running on dirty fuel injectors. Additionally, your RPM may still fluctuate even though your car can't correctly accelerate. 

On Check Engine Light

Corrupted fuel injectors can trigger the infamous yellow warning light to light up on your dashboard. It would still be wise to take your car to a trusted auto repair shop for engine diagnostics, to be sure. 


If you suspect that your fuel injectors need to be cleaned or replaced, look no further than German Motorworks for the job. Let us be your top choice in fuel system maintenance and repairs.

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