How Often Does Transmission Fluid Need To Be Changed?

Transmission fluid is a vital part of your vehicle because it lubricates various transmission components to prevent overheating and corrosion while your vehicle is running. Transmission fluid typically lasts a long time but may need to be replaced at a major service every 30,000 miles or so. It depends upon the make and model of your vehicle and your own individual driving habits. 

If you begin to notice any of the following symptoms, you may be due for a transmission fluid change: 

  • Grinding or squealing noise while shifting, which can indicate that your fluid isn't properly lubricating your gears and clutch components
  • You find it difficult to shift, either with manual or automatic transmissions
  • Your vehicle is surging forward or backward without you pressing on the gas or brake pedal
  • The gears are slipping out of place, which can be caused by grime and dirt buildup from the dirty transmission fluid
  • You notice a delay in movement after shifting, which can be caused by fluid flow interruption 

While the issues above can point to dirty or low transmission fluid, they can also be caused by other transmission problems. You never want to ignore a transmission issue, because the longer you wait to have the issue fixed, the worse it can become and the more connected components it can affect. Transmission repairs can become costly, so keeping the damage down to a minimum will save you time and money. 

If you suspect that your vehicle is due for a transmission fluid change or another transmission repair, bring your vehicle into the professional choice in the area here at German Motorworks today!

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