How to Avoid Vehicle Overheating in the Summer

The summer months are the perfect time to jump in the car and drive off to the beach, a nice restaurant, a baseball game, the pool, or to visit family and friends. However, due to the hotter, more intense weather and increased frequency of driving, our vehicle’s become more at risk for overheating. 

Here are some ways to help avoid car overheating this summer and to keep your interior comfortable throughout the season for you and your passengers: 

  • Park in the shade and out of direct sunlight when possible
  • Consider having your vehicle's windows tinted or purchase a windshield sun shade
  • When turning on your car's A/C, start it from the bottom vents. This will push the hot air from the bottom up and cool down your cabin faster.
  • Be aware of the engine temperature gauge on your car's dashboard. If you notice that the temperature is running high, we suggest having your vehicle inspected. There could be an issue with your vehicle's cooling system. 
  • Make sure that your engine’s coolant is clean and properly maintained. 
  • Consider having a coolant fluid flush performed by the experts here at German Motorworks to clean out the system and ensure that your engine is kept cool throughout summer. 
  • Test your vehicle's battery for charge, since the summer heat tends to wear out car batteries faster. 

Your vehicle can overheat from a number of different things, including a cooling system issue, low coolant, a faulty thermostat, low engine oil, a bad radiator fan, and more. If you suspect an issue with any of these components, don’t hesitate to stop by German Motoroworks today for service to avoid getting stuck with an overheated vehicle. 

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