The Difference Between Maybach And Mercedes Benz Models

Just like any other car manufacturer, Mercedes Benz has special editions and trims. One of them is the tuning house, Maybach. Back in 2015, it became a sub brand of Mercedes and specialized in making extremely luxurious and high-class vehicles. One of the most popular Maybach models produced is the S-class and G-Class(SUVs), which can be spotted by the double "M'' emblem on the hood's front. You may wonder what makes it so unique and what distinguishes it from regular Mercedes Benzes. Well, in this blog, we will share with you a couple key differences and why they are so sought after.


One of the most noticeable upgrades is the comfort level. Maybach has taken care of the interiors by incorporating additional padding in the seats and using premium materials like Alcantara leather, suede, and carbon fiber. There are also more ambient lighting and seating features, resulting in an even more homey feel.

Extra Features

With Mercedes being Mercedes, features and extras are abandoned. This also applies to the Maybach versions. The interior includes features such as massaging seats, roadside assistance, and mini-fridges. Some can even include campaign departments for a lavish experience like none other.

Driver And Passenger Experience

As mentioned above, road assistance systems are one of the features of Maybach vehicles. Another thing it excels at is the suspension system. Reviewers and owners compare it to the Rolls Roys - famous for its extremely soft and comfortable ride. This comfortable and unaidable ride is specifically aimed at the back seats, because Maybach is aimed at the passenger's experience and not the driver's.

Improved Performance

When talking about performance, Maybach has the upper hand again. Some variants made by the tuning house have up to 200 HP more than the normal variant. Performance, interior, fuel injection system, suspension, transmission, and almost everything else has been altered to make them the unique vehicles that they are.

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