Tips for Planning Your Next Roadtrip

If you’re planning on taking the family on a road trip this winter season, making sure that you are organized and prepared will keep your family happy and minimize the stress of the trip. When it comes to traveling during the winter, many other vehicles will be on the road with families trying to spend holidays with their loves ones. The weather will also be harsh, so preparing for your next road trip will ensure your safety on the road. 

Here are some of our suggestions to follow in order to be completely prepared for your winter road trip: 

  • Have your vehicle inspected before your trip to ensure you won't run into any car trouble along the way. 
  • Make sure to plan breaks along the way. A short break every couple of hours is recommended. These could be at rest stops or gas stations, just a chance to get out of the car and stretch your legs. If kids are traveling along, you may find that bathroom breaks will be needed during these breaks, too. 
  • Schedule out activities during the car ride. For instance, have a nap time, a reading time, a movie time (if possible), and maybe a snack time. This will help keep the kids occupied and also keep them from getting overwhelmed during the car ride.
  • Have plenty of snacks and drinks on hand. Kids are especially going to get hungry along the way, and it won’t hurt the driving adults to have a snack as well to keep their energy up. This will also help to save money along the way as well. 
  • Pack comfortably! Be sure to bring pillows and blankets for the kids and other passengers. 

All of these tips will ensure that your next family road trip will be a successful one. If your vehicle is due for an inspection before you leave, the experts here at German Motorworks are here to help. 

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