Top Tips on BMW Maintenance

BMW is a brand name that is synonymous with class and luxury, which is why BMWs are so unique in the eyes of their owners. At German Motorworks, we have factory-trained technicians that are trained to take good care of BMWs. As a specialty shop that focuses on BMW and other German automobile repairs, we would like to spread these helpful maintenance practices that will keep your BMW running top-notch for many years to come. 


Go In for Regular Oil Changes

The engine is the heart of your BMW, which is why it is so crucial to upkeep your vehicle's oil levels. To avoid unnecessary issues in your BMW's lifetime, you should take your car into our shop for regular oil changes to extend the engine's life. Additionally, keeping up with your oil will make your car perform better with enhanced fuel economy.


Clean Your Air Filters

Periodically changing out your air filters will give you many benefits such as increasing fuel efficiency, improving acceleration, and overall allowing your engine to breathe better. A dirty air filter will limit the air circulation from reaching your motor, leading to overheating damage.


Always Double Check Fluid Levels

You may be used to only checking on your fluids if you notice that there is a problem with how your vehicle runs. However, it is an excellent idea to check the levels at least every couple of months. This includes your oil, transmission, coolant, brake, and power steering fluids. If you have trouble locating and detecting your fluid levels, our technicians are happy to take a look!


Inspect Your Tires 

Every so often, you should adequately inspect your tires and check on their tread and pressure. It is best to replace your BMW's tires when they have worn down. The tires should also be rotated and balanced for even wear on all four corners. 


BMW owners are truly blessed with a beautiful ride. As a responsible owner, you should take good care of it. Always check, replace, and refill items when your vehicle requires them. If you have any questions regarding BMW maintenance, certified mechanics at German Motorworks will be delighted to help you. We welcome you to come into our shop located in Nashville, TN.

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