What Are the Top Signs That My Vehicle Needs An Oil Change?

When it comes to car maintenance, an oil change should be your number one priority. You should have a trusted mechanic to perform oil changes for you on a routine basis. Getting it done on time will help preserve your engine's durability and better your engine performance. Clean motor oil provides sufficient lubrication for the engine, which allows all its components to move without bumping each other. Also, you will be able to push more miles when your oil is new. With all these incredible advantages, you should never skip out on this service. Here are the top signs to look for that may indicate you need an oil change:


Dark Colored Oil

New oil should have a golden honey color and be clear of contaminants. Over time the oil will collect debris and dirt from wear and tear. We suggest that you should check your oil levels at least once every couple of months, using a rag and dipstick near the motor. If the oil looks dark and grimy, it's time to phone up your mechanic.


Engine Knocking

A warning sign that your oil levels are low would be loud knocking sounds coming from under the hood. Since oil produces a barrier between the engine's moving parts, an insufficient amount would cause the engine pieces to hit against one another. This interference indicates that you need to get your oil changed immediately.


Oil or Engine Light Illuminates

Your dashboard is a great place to refer to for any irregularities in your vehicle. For instance, the oil light will usually come on when your engine oil is low. In rare cases, the check engine light might also illuminate when your engine is at risk of severe damage or impairment that has already transpired. 


Distance Traveled

The most obvious sign that suggests a need for an oil change is if you've noticed you have driven a substantial distance since your last service.


Oil changes should not have to be a dreadful task for motorists. We have highly skilled technicians at German Motorworks who know what oil is most suitable for your car. If you require an oil change, give us a call or come by our shop today.

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