What Can Wear Down Tires Prematurely?

Vehicle tires are expensive and we want to get the most life out of our tires that we can. It may seem that tires wear out too quickly, but there are several reasons why tires need replacement more often than necessary. Following are some potential causes of premature tire wear.

Incorrect Tire Alignment

Properly aligned tires make the car travel straight down the road. Many drivers have experienced the feeling that the vehicle is pulling to the right or left. When this happens, the tires are misaligned. Because the tire angle is wrong, the tires wear incorrectly either on the inside or outside of the tire. Sometimes bumps, potholes, and poor road conditions lead to tire misalignment. Drivers can reduce the effects that poor road conditions have on tires with careful driving habits.

Tire Inflation Problems

Manufactures recommended certain tire inflation levels for several reasons. These reasons include making sure the vehicle weight is distributed properly and helping the vehicle corner correctly. When tires are inflated to the correct levels, the ride feels smooth, fuel economy is achieved, and the vehicle handles properly. Tires that are overinflated or underinflated wear unevenly or wear out too quickly.

Driving Issues

Incorrect driving procedures can cause tires to wear prematurely. Fast acceleration and fast driving both negatively impact tire wear. Driving too fast can lead to breaking too hard, which also negatively affects tire wear. Also, spinning tires may look like a fun way to show off to friends, but it adds to early tire wear.

Steering and Suspension Part Issues

If the vehicle parts connected to steering and suspension are due for replacement, it may cause improper wear on the tires. Older shock absorbers do not do their job of keeping the vehicle from bouncing on the road. Any part of the steering and suspension parts that are worn out and due for replacement will negatively impact tire wear.

If your tires need repair or replacement, we invite you to visit our tire repair shop today. We take pride in offering the best tire replacement service and welcome you into our shop anytime.

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