What Damage Can Speed Bumps Do To Your Vehicle?

We've all been in that situation, where you're driving along not paying close attention, then all of a sudden your car plows into a speed bump, giving you the shock of your life. Although speed bumps are intended to deter drivers from going too quickly, sometimes doing so might harm a car. It is recommended practice to slow down and properly manage a speed bump or hump if you can see it coming.

No matter how big your car is, avoid racing over speed bumps frequently. How speed bumps affect your car:

  • They Ruin Your Shocks - Shock absorbers, commonly referred to as shocks, are used by cars to smooth out road imperfections. This explains why not every dip, rock, or bump your car encounters is felt by you. Shocks are regulator coils that respond to changes in the driving environment. However, a pothole can cause you to jump because shocks can't handle the sudden, abrupt drop in the road's surface. Speed bumps could be compared in this way. Your shocks can't quickly absorb the energy when you cross a speed bump at too high of a pace, which can lead to damage like your vehicle bending out of its shape and leaking fluids.
  • They Ruin Your Steering - When your car's shocks stop working, everything else suffers. Other critical automotive systems are harmed by persistent road vibrations. The steering elements are violently shook during the journey without the protection your shocks give. Long-term vibrations can destroy steering rack mounts, toss your tires out of alignment, and cause leakage in the power steering system.
  • They Damage Your Exhaust System - Exhaust systems are installed directly underneath cars and are designed to improve efficiency and environmental friendliness while also making cars quieter. However, damaging the exhaust system is a simple matter of speeding over a speed bump. The likelihood is that your exhaust system will strike the ground when you land if your car bounces off the road while traveling over a speed bump at a high rate of speed, resulting in damage and impairing the system's ability to carry out its intended functions.

Speed bumps are advantageous and aid in promoting safe driving to safeguard adjacent pedestrians from unfortunate incidents. If you need vehicle repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle to German Motorworks today!


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