Why Is There Smoke Coming From My Car?

When your combustion engine is put to work, air and fuel are burned. As a result, there are a lot of byproducts that your vehicle has to deal with and eventually expel. The used-up fuel and air mixture goes through the exhaust system, which comprises many pipes and vital components.

With most cars nowadays, engine emissions are odorless and colorless. That is why it can be alarming to see your vehicle puffing white, black, or gray-blue smoke. An excess amount of exhaust smoke means there is something wrong with your car, and it is not running at peak performance. More often than not, you will need repairs.

Reasons for Exhaust Smoke

  • Condensation/Steam - Condensation is the best-case scenario that can come of this. On cold mornings, you may notice wispy, white smoke coming from your exhaust pipe. Relax because this is normal. It is caused by the heat warming up your emissions, causing it to turn into steam. As your engine warms up, it should go away.
  • Oil Leak - When motor oil leaks somewhere in the system, from a blown head gasket, seals, or o-rings, it can end up getting burned along with fuel in the combustion chamber. When this happens, light gray or bluish smoke gets emitted. As soon as you catch this, please bring your car to German Motorworks for repairs immediately. Otherwise, driving like this can cause your engine to seize.
  • Coolant Leak - Another fluid that can leak and make its way into the combustion chamber is coolant. This is dangerous because coolant is responsible for cooling the engine. When it gets burned with fuel, it comes out of your car as thick, white smoke. You may also catch the sweet, familiar scent of coolant. Bring your vehicle to our shop so that we can locate the leak. It tends to come from a blown head gasket, hose, or seals throughout the cooling system.
  • Faulty ECU - The ECU, also known as the car’s computer may be the culprit behind your exhaust smoke. If the ECU is sending wrong information to your fuel system, it can cause your engine to burn an excessive amount of fuel. As a result, you may notice black smoke. 
  • Worn Fuel Injectors - Last but not least, bad fuel injectors can also cause inconsistencies in fuel intake. As a result, your engine may burn too much and emit smoke. You will also notice a loss in fuel efficiency and poor performance.

If you notice an unusual amount of smoke spewing out your vehicle’s exhaust pipe, please do not wait to bring your vehicle to the automotive repair experts at German Motorworks.

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